Our powerful M2M platform to manage the SIM cards

IoT Sim Card

We provide a management IoT platform of Cisco and multiple operators in the world

  • Our M2M/IoTplatform has no problems of scalability and load in production
  • Powerful API compatible with other IoT operators
  • Multi-lingual in 14 languages inside the platform
  • Realtime control of SIM card consumption
  • One can make remote diagnosis on the SIM card
M2M IoT Platform of Cisco Jasper

As to manage the deployment of our IoT project you need a strong M2M platform. You just need to send us a online request and we will give a full access to control your deployment.

In addition, it is important to ouline that the access is free of charge. You don’t need to pay an extra cost for it! All the costs are included in the quotation for the SIM card.

Furthermore, with our M2M platform, you can fine tune the deployment of your IoT project by running a diagnosis tool on each of the SIM cards. This gives you as output the sessiones which have been opened by your device with the local operator. You can see all into the details!

One of the big advantage of our solution is that you don’t depend on anybody to manage the service (for example, to activate a SIM card, you don’t need to call somebody else).

Our platform is especially useful for large deployment with a lot of SIM cards. You can introduce in the interface some additional information like the device number or the end-coustomer which uses the SIm card.